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In this Homescapes Hack & Cheats, we have decided to cover up the fastest routes to increase your stock of Gems and coins, and we could not think of any better option than the Homescapes review.

Homescapes has been breaking records since the day one once it hits the Android playstore or iOS as well. The downloads number are increasing phenomenally and it is built in store has been selling none-stop.

Moreover it would be the perfect choice for you, if you were looking for a time killing game with a decent storyline.

Before you misconduct yourself with the various in-game currencies, we would love to inform our readers with the nature of the Homescapes and the smart tricks that will save you time and effort.

How To Use Our Homescapes Cheats And Hacks?

Since you are reading this article now, then your greatest aim would be to save your real money and still enjoy the full features in Homescapes Cheats!

We have decided to create a list with the fastest & easiest methods to get as many gems and coins as possible.

  1. First things, first you need to have a stable and strong internet connection in order to enjoy this feature as it is being provided cloudy then visit The Tool Page.
  2. Do not worry it will not affect your career performance by any means
  3. Yes, it is safe and it will not get you banned.
  4. It is advised to login to the game with your Facebook account to keep the gems at a safe bay.
  5. In the regular in app store purchases, you would be required to enter your credit card number and follow the procedures, in our case you do not have to do such a thing only a single click on the link shown.
  6. Completing Levels, specially the match-3 levels, they shall reward you with a big number of coins which could be used for further investments
  7. Do not forget about the daily login bonus reward, so ensuring that Homescapes is being opened every day will only increase the reward day after day.

Those were the fastest methods to increase your income for coins, and if you manage to follow them carefully and correctly, then you shall see results in no time!

The Importance Of Coins In Homescapes!

As any other game, they manage to monetize from it by adding some obstacles and in Homescapes currency to provide you with so much ease and freedom throughout the different game stages.

The game has its own currency, which is the coins, these coins can be used in various ways and we have illustrated earlier to our readers on how to get those coins instantly.

The time has come to help you with understanding how does these coins work and what is the best investment, you could possibly do to your game.

You can start Purchasing Boosters; those boosters will give you a little push and help you advance forward in much less time.

You can purchase additional moves of epoch when playing levels. That is a very common problem the players tend to face through their playtime.

You will always be stuck as you run out of moves and the time runs out, that is when the coins will shine up as the savior of the day and provide you with them needed extra moves.

Refilling lives as once you run out of lives, you will have to wait for the regeneration period and that could kill the fun of the game. We are speaking from the prospective of a game fan; you would not want an interruption from anyone by any means.

How To Get Extra Lives?

As we have shown you earlier the importance of lives, you need to know that the coins will help you in purchasing these extra lives and will always keep you on the safe side, but then you should understand how regularly the lives works.

  • The Unlimited lives system, which can only be rewarded for a very short period of time and you, should not relay on it.
  • You can purchase the unlimited lives system with the coins or from the store.
  • The timer for the unlimited lives system will kick in as soon as you receive it.
  • The total number of lives is 5
  • You will lose a live for each time you fail
  • The regular life will usually take up to 30 minutes to be regenerated

You can request lives from friends as a gift. Sending lives out to friends in gift forms will not affect the ones you have.

Your gift box will carry all the extra lives you have received, but that does not mean that if you have received an extra life and your stock was full that you will be losing it. It will be added once you empty one slot for it.

If you believe that you have lost lives or the counter is messed up, then you need to restart the game. Check the internet connection or maybe even restart the whole device.

If the problem persists, then you might want to send an email to the support team.

Competition and Leagues

The competitions in the game are having their own rules. You are only allowed to participate in a league with other players whom are sharing the same level as you are.

You should understand that the chances of being in the same league with your friends whom are sharing different levels from you are almost zero.

Everyone in the challenge will receive a reward, but it will vary on his or her position on the league by the end of the competition.

The top 10 players will get much higher rewards, and it will keep on increasing as you climb the ladder to the position number 1.

There will be a live announcement for the league result and the date and time will be scheduled earlier, so you should be there to claim your rewards.

Final Verdict

By reaching this point of the review, we believe that you have covered the most important instructions in the game that would keep you progressing forward with a steady pace whether on Android And iOS gaming stage.

You might be looking for further thrilling information, but we do believe that the Homescapes hack and cheats guide will put you on the right track by providing the unlimited number of coins.

If you have any further questions related to the coins system or the gameplay, do not hesitate to contact us.

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