Facebook & Interactions

You must realize that the game is not only based on the self-honors and slow paced campaign system, they have managed to put the friends interactions to the game and made it more lively than ever.

What is the point of having a very challenging game that requires an internet connection from you to get it started and still you cannot communicate with other players and share your thoughts together.

First thing, we will list out the most important features you will get to know once you connect your Facebook account to the game.

  1. Your data will be linked with the account so losing it would be close to impossible
  2. You can easily share your progression on your page
  3. Sending invitations will never get any easier
  4. Receiving and sending gifts with friends is one tap away
  5. Share your progression through different devices
  6. Enter a challenging league together and show them who the Boss is!

By reading the previous 6 points we have mentioned, you should be preparing your Facebook account right away without a hesitation for one second.

How Do We Invite Friends?

That is a very common question we get to see on our website and sent to our email most of times. Therefore, we have decided to dictate the time and effort to explain to our readers exactly how the friend’s invitation system works.

First thing, you need to put the game link on your social media account, and this can be done easily by entering the settings section and you can find the share button.

Now, once you do a step all your friends will suddenly appear in your friends list in the game, but the friends whom are only playing the game.

Want to add more?

Every new friend you will be adding on your Facebookaccount shall be added into the friends list automatically if they are playing the game.

How to Make New Friends?

It happens a lot to see players whom their friends are not sharing them the fun by any means that is when you will realize that you need to make new friends and add them to the equation.

There are ideal places to make Homescapes friends, and it would be the Facebook page of the game. Visiting the place there will introduce you to the game community and will only make your gaming experience better.

What Should I Do If I Cannot Find Certain Friends Any Longer?

There is a high possibility of them removing you from their friends list, but we cannot confirm such a thing before going through the troubleshooting steps.

Step 1: Check the connection

You must ensure that you are playing with a stable and strong connection, as it could result in some glitches related to the friends list.

Step 2: Restart The Mobile

Some devices gets things mixed up due to the heat, so we can prevent such a thing by restarting it entirely

Step 3: Check the connection

Getting your Facebook account dispatched and then reconnect it back again, could possibly fix it.

Step 4: Verify The Account

Ensure that you are connecting the right Facebook account that has your friend

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