General Instructions For Beginners

First things first, you must understand the idea behind the gameplay foundation. The game was built using two mechanism and it will progress forward using two paths at the same time, so you need to keep track with two objects now.

You are racing the time and trying to decorate the entire house including the gardens but at the same time, you will be challenging your brain, as here are tons of complicated puzzles waiting for you ahead.

The gameplay itself is smart and it has managed to find the right balance between the puzzle challenges that you need to accomplish for certain reasons, we will cover the puzzle part in depth here later on, and pursuit of decorating the house and bringing it back to life once more.

The puzzle system is very hard and you cannot keep trying your luck for infinite number of tries, you are actually limited to the lives system, which is ruining the fun part of the game by putting many limitations on it.

You are now obliged to wait for few hours until you restore all your lives back and try to complete the puzzle challenge, or you might want to farm coins in order to purchase boosters to pass certain hard levels in the game.

The coins farming system is not very popular among the beginners, but as you proceed forward and reach the unsolvable puzzle situations that is when you will realize that you have to spend money on the boosters to get through it. That is when your coins savings will come in handy to pass you successfully through this part.

Of course, there will be new levels being added frequently to the game, and that is something you should be willing to hear about the game.

One of the most unique features about the game is the special events. They will hold events regular at certain parts of the month and the reward coming from them are outstanding.

It is more like a big opportunity to enhance your account and increase the coins income, but that is not all about the goods it is more about the fun you will get.

Some events will not be available for everyone, as the level restriction system will kick in. that is why you need to read about the upcoming events first and get prepared for whatever they are about to throw on you.

For example: the Furry tale event, it is an event that will provide the players with a certain chain of levels, and there are three steps for rewards.

The first reward will come once you complete three levels, and the second stage is after completingsix levels and the third reward will come after completing the whole chain.

You have to train your cat on bringing three flowers to the kitty he has fallen in love with. That is briefly the main idea of the event, but of course, there are several rules and restrictions that could ruin your day, so kindly remember to have enough time to read the full description of an event before getting involved.

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